Services We Offer

What is a brand without website? A lot of thinking and firm foundation of your company, will take you places. Each service elaborated below has manifold of benefits.

Pop over for a frothy cup of dood patti one day and let us do the talking!
Wordpress and blogspot portals can be quite frustrating to manage sometimes or your hosting server may decide an unannounced holiday. Whatever the circumstances are, websites should always be up and running. Imagine logging on to a particular website and finding an error or a virus attack. It’s a developer’s nightmare.

Our tech savvy team at RedTank, does it all for you.
Google+, instagram, facebook, twitter, Pinterest, You name it! We will do it for you. We believe that facebook posts should be more than just sloppy posts and monotonous promotion of taglines. We help your engage with your customers by keeping it alive 24/7.

Get flooded with comments and queries.
Facebook marketing is the in-thing to do right now. As most of the advertising has gone digital, newer ways of effective message reach have to be adopted. As B2C is an extremely competent market, your facebook marketing plan crafted by RedTank team will help you reach the correct audience, at the right time, anytime and anywhere.

We say now! or never and only now!
Famous world over, but unfortunately GDN’s potential remains unexplored by the Pakistani market. Google is not only a search engine, it is an advertising tool. Very few digital agencies are working in this domain in Pakistan and to keep at pace of the world, you can’t un-tick this option from your to-do list.

Don’t understand how it works? RedTank does it for you!.
We believe and preach that a well thought of logo is the foundation of your creative strategy. Think of FedEx, you think speed and efficiency in delivering just about anything on this planet to anyone. Yep, this is what we plan on doing if you tell us your name; we will create your REAL identity.
In simple words, using this technique we can get a large number of customers/viewers logging into your website. This is literally like fighting your way through a crowd on an overcrowded bus. SEO pushes up the ranking of your website and when a relevant term is being googled your website pops up in the first few lucky links.
Graphics Designing
Graphics designing for digital or print material is our forte. An experienced and a young group of talent individuals will create themes of your choice or design it for you, incase the sun is not shining brighter for you that day.
Design for panaflex, paper or cardboard, all it takes is a bit of design technique and software know how. The designing team of RedTank Studio will make print-ready files for you! Whether it is an event or your visiting cards prints are in pending, we’ve got it designed.
The key to good content is balance. Let us write for you and give your brand a voice. Beauty divas, restaurants, retailers or a serious techy business, we speak their language. Get started!